Welcome Parents!

This website was created for the purpose of providing an easily accessible, safe place for students to access web activities that reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. In the fall of 2010, the elementary technology integrator, elementary math department chair and K-12 reading coordinator populated the site with an enormous amount of educational games and resources to support the curriculum. Throughout the winter and spring, many teachers began using this site in the computer labs as well as in their classrooms. While we attempt to post games and activities that are ad-free, some educational sites have valuable information with advertisements. Please be advised that even though the links on this site have been previewed by teachers, we recommend that students always use the internet with an adult nearby to supervise. The advertisements on websites are beyond our control, so we constantly reinforce the importance of hitting the 'back' button if a student sees something that he/she feels is inappropriate. We also encourage students to tell an adult after this happens. If you notice something innappropriate while working with your child, please fill out the survey below and include the link to the questionable content. Please note that Methacton School District is not responsible for the content on these sites, or any linked sites thereafter.

Watch the video below for a narrated tour of the student wiki! The homepage has changed since the time of production,but the content and navigation can be located in the same places.

Parent Resources

Parent Feedback Survey - Let us know what you think of our site!Internet Safety - Parents - Find an abundance of internet safety tips for parents.- View the computer lab rules that are posted at school.